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HackingSaga Media Pvt. Ltd. is providing opportunity for the people who love to come up with different and unique ideas and giving them a chance to become permanent writer/author for HackingSaga Media Pvt. Ltd. and get exposed globally.

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What benefits will you Get ?

– All Credit of the posts will go to the writer/author.
– Your each and every post will be featured & published with your intro having a link back to your social profile.
– By writing incredible and unique obviously you will get exposed to our visitors, readers and followers to become famous over the web.
– Reputation Building.
– Writers will get opinion from number of bloggers from all around the globe on their writing skills and knowledge.
– Income ? Once & If you become our permanent Author/Writer for us you will be paid.

Guidelines and Rules to Follow..

– Imposing rules are to ensuring the quality of the posts and reputation of the blog should remain high.
– Post/articles must be unique and must not copied or published anywhere over the web.
– Writers are not allowed to republished their article/post anywhere else.
– No affiliate codes, Advertisement or referral links allowed in post/articles.
– Quality of article should remain high, poor quality articles would not be published.

What you Need to do is…

– Write the article/post on any of the topics relevant to the site theme like Tech News, Hacking News, How To, Programming & other geeky stuff, double check to eliminate all the errors or spelling or other mistakes.
– send it to us with author info, like name, description, URL etc and send it to us at contact@hackingsaga.com, your article will be published with your name & social address as author right after our quick review.

Note: If you want us to publish a post on HackingSaga Media Pvt. Ltd. with a link back to your website, this is termed as advertising and thus it needs sponsorship.

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Note: HackingSaga Media Pvt. Ltd. owns all rights reserved and could change all the authorship rights at anytime as per requirement and need.
Note: Whoever wants to join us should have his/her own Blog/Website & should be aware of latest happenings in tech world.

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