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How a VPN is Useful When Playing Online


Bytes: PC heating up, internet on fire, comfortable seat set, headphones blaring, awesome animation on screen. Viola! A perfect playing scene on set.

Online gaming is undeniably a part of most of the millennials’ daily routine. An effect which the 21st century technology bear together with breakthroughs in medicine, development of machineries, and advancement in computer applications and software. It serves as a form of relaxation for individuals to pass their time and free their minds from the noise and hassle of the world. But we don’t want our leisure to be grudged by censorship and surveillance issues, likewise, we don’t like to be intruded by hackers and thieves. So, what must be done to avoid this?

VPN or the Virtual Private Network has been a solution to keep the connection between two or more devices without concerning yourself too much on interference and snooping. Since it hides the IP address and location, it hinders third-party sites offering services to charge prices and show advertisements that come with the location. Also, it protects data by encrypting them making it less vulnerable from being interrupted and destroyed. Furthermore, blocked websites can still be viewed using VPN. There are still a lot of uses of VPN but let us now focus on its uses in playing online.

With the use of VPN, ISP throttling will be avoided. But first, what is ISP throttling? ISP throttling diminishes the possibility of overusing, and to reduce the congestion of network giving a uniform service for everyone to experience the same that other users experience. Data packets are being inspected and throttling detects it as coming from online gaming with the tendency of slowing down the connection. With VPN, the packets will be encrypted which means it cannot be inspected and therefore connection will not slowdown.

Multiplayer is also possible in any region. Just like movies with different dates of showing for different countries, online games have that, too. For the avid gamer who always wants up to date online games, a VPN server will just be switched with one in the place where the game is available. In like manner, since games are released at different date for different regions which can more or less affect a gamer’s ranking and performance, a paid VPN allows one to have an access and get his hand all clammy with the keyboard and mouse by connecting to the game server to the place where the game was first released through a server in the same region.

You can be a gamer-traveler and this is a problem because transferring to another country means using the local server and not your usual server. For a high-quality and one which can connect to varied servers, just connect to the VPN of your home country or region, wait until the online game is loaded and you can finally dive into your preferred game server.

Gamer or not, we all want a fast connection for uploading and downloading, in like manner we want to avoid lag and decrease ping time. ISP can provide the fast upload and download, but VPN can do the latter. Ping time is the reaction time or run time between sent and receive data. Say the ping time is 60 milliseconds, then that is the time it takes for the computer to react with the request of other instruments. Lower ping time equals less network delay and this is an advantage in the gaming theater.

Finally, since VPN allows a user to encrypt a game server connection, a game account is less vulnerable to attacker or hacker who can break into your account and take advantage of the in-game stock and premium collections. For worse case scenario, a hacker can take the steering wheel and navigate the game connection to gain command of your personal computer which posts more threat.

These are only a few of the benefits that virtual private network can provide. A newbie for online gaming may not bat an eye for it and consider this as just another software that consumes memory but it definitely is more than that.

These are only few of the benefits that virtual private network can provide. A newbie for online gaming may not bat an eye for it and consider this as just another software that consumes memory but it definitely is more than that. Here’s a list of VPNs that provide the best service for gamers that had open gates for easier and hassle-free journey to the vast world of internet.

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