Install Xposed Installer On Android Nougat (7.0+)


Bytes: Xposed is one of the best things happened to the Android OS. It was also one of the reasons, many people unlock and root their device.The level of customization it offers to stock Android is extensive and rewardable. Not only stock Android, but It also works on some custom ROMs based on AOSP as well.

Sadly, It is almost a year without an official update to Android Nougat Xposed framework. While the original developer rovo89 was indeed working, it is not ported yet. But don’t worry, the situation seems to change now. The Purify OS team has ported Xposed to Android Nougat with the help of abforce’s modified version of the Xposed. It may be unofficial, but still, nougat users have got a chance to experience Xposed on their device. Are you with an Android Nougat device and willing to install Xposed Framework? Then get ready and follow our guide, how to install Xposed Framework on Android Nougat devices.


  1. Device running on Android 7.1+ version
  2. Rooted device with TWRP or any other custom recovery
  3. Preferably stock Android or Custom ROMs based on Lineage OS and AOSP.
  4. Xposed Installer Apk.
  5. Xposed Framework.
    1. Android Nougat (7.0): Download
    2. Android Nougat (7.1): Download
  6. Xposed Nougat uninstaller: Download
  7. As a precaution, please backup your personal data on the device. Use third apps like Nandroid backup, Titanium backup to do that. Users can also do an entire backup of ROM including apps and data using TWRP.

Steps to Install Xposed Framework on Android Nougat

Step 1. Download the Xposed Framework APK from the downloads section and install it on your device. This app will be later used to manage the Xposed modules.


Step 2. Now, download the suitable ZIP of Xposed for your device from here. Select the zip file depending upon the arm version of your processor, that is, ARM, ARM64 or x86.

Step 3. If you don’t know the arm version of your processor, use a third-party app like CPU X : System & Hardware info to find everything about your device. If you still can’t find out, just comment your device name & model no. below & we’ll do the work for you.

Step 4. Next, Reboot your device into TWRP or any other Customer recovery.


Step 5. Tap on Install option, navigate to the Zip file and then proceeding with flashing of the Xposed Installer ZIP.

Step 6. Then also, “Wipe Cache/Dalvik.” After that, reboot your device.

Step 7. When the device boots up, Open the Xposed Installer app. You must see “Xposed Framework installed” on the screen.

Step 8. First boot after flashing the zip may take some time, don’t interrupt the boot process, be patient. That’s it, Xposed Framework is successfully installed on your device.

Note: You may also get a notification that says “Xposed is not compatible with Android SDK version 25 or your processor architecture”. Don’t worry about it, this is a new ported version (Unofficial), and it is working fine.

Steps to Install and Activate Xposed modules in Android N:

Step 1. Open the Xposed Installer app and Head over to the “Download” section to see the list of all the available modules.

Step 2. You can download and install the modules as per your need and liking. Just tap on the module and select download or select the save option to download Apk file for manual installation.

Step 3. After the installation of the desired module, Go to “Modules” section in the sidebar. Then tick the checkbox beside the module to enable it.

Step 4. You must reboot the device as requested and then activated module comes into effect.

Please remember, most of the modules might not be compatible with Android N Xposed framework as it’s under development. Always backup your data before performing any major changes to your device’s framework.

While Android O is just about a few months away from release, it would take several months for manufacturers to provide the updates. Meanwhile, users can make use of Xposed modules to get Android O features on their Android Nougat device. While some modules may need to be updated to work on Nougat, most of them should work directly. We hope this guide is clear in every aspect. However, if you have any doubts, please comment below.

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