Can Google Incognito Mode Protect Your Privacy? [Sponsored Post]

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Bytes: In modern browsing there are many tracking techniques; this includes cookies, DNS records, or your system administrator. In some cases Google Incognito Mode could be helpful in protecting your privacy. On the other hand there are other threats against Incognito Mode rendering it useless!

Google Incognito Mode will use a new window, and this way it won’t keep information collected by the browser but it won’t stop others from collecting information about you.

Google Incognito Mode can:

  • Prevent cookies from identifying you

Each time you visit a website small file is stored on your computer, and it’s used to identify you when you visit that site again. In your web search cookies can let social media (and government agencies like the NSA) track you. At the end you are fed with targeted advertisements or your religious, political, or sexual preferences are being identified.

So if your traffic or browsing history revealed through cookies is your largest concern, this is when Incognito Mode comes in handy.

  • Protect from browser fingerprinting

Again, websites you visit collect information on your browsing, fonts you’ve installed, add-ons or browser extensions you use. You would agree that this is already an invasion of privacy. So, there are two ways you can get around this:

  1. Use a browser that uses no default fonts or extensions, like the Tor Browser
  2. Or add a VPN browser extension to enhance the safety of Incognito Mode.
  • Stop the snooping on your computer

Incognito window can hide certain activities from others sharing your computer without deleting history.

But there are some cons in using Google Incognito Mode:

  • It won’t stop track of your DNS records.
  • Google Incognito Mode won’t protect you from system administrators.

When you visit a website your browser obtains the site’s IP address. There is a way to confront this with some free DNS service, maybe using DNS service supplied by the one maintained by Google, or simply use VPN Providers like ExpressVPN who maintain their own DNS service.

To summarize, Google Incognito Mode will help you avoid low-level tracking techniques and can protect your privacy with the presence of some threats which you can minimize by using Tor with VPN. As an addition to it, please don’t use computer that is not yours in case the owner of these devices has installed other tracking software.

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